Dear people of Montana,

I want to take a moment and apologize to all of you.  I wrote an article recently about the Top 10 Drunkest Towns in Montana and it really seemed to hit a nerve with many of you. What was supposed to be an informative article about drinking here in the Treasure State, turned into something much larger than that.

Please keep in mind that I wasn't trying to offend you, in fact, I didn't even set up the data that was used to determine the Top 10, I was just the messenger. However, after receiving several messages and reading hundreds of comments, I have heard your voice.

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You see, people weren't upset with me that their town was on the list.  People were upset with me that their town didn't make the list and those that seemed to be upset the most...the good folks from Butte, America.

Young woman with a hangover holding her almost empty cocktail glass

Here are just a few of the comments that I received:

Must not know $#@! Butte is hands down #1 not to mention no open container laws uptown.


I call BULL$#@! on this list!! Obviously, they haven't been to Butte for St Patrick's Day, The Folk Festival, The An RI Ra Irish Festival, or Evel Knievel Days!!!!




What?! I don’t believe this at all. Butte didn’t even make the list


Butte is the drunkest Hill on earth. ****, I was born and raised there...


I can't believe that Butte wasn't #1, let alone not on the list at all. I used to live there.


To whoever made this a thing your dumb as **** probably haven't even lived here or been here we are not drunks and that's not all people do here so **** off


There is no way this list is very accurate without Butte on it.


I’ve been drunk in 7/10 of these places. The fact that Butte didn’t make the list makes me doubt its authenticity.


Is Butte not on this list? No chance this list is valid.

People in Butte take great pride in their town, their history, AND their ability to throw a few back.  So, in hopes of mending fences, let me just say that I think Butte is a wonderful town. It's a hard-working, blue-collar type of place with its own identity.

Heck, I grew up in a town a whole lot like Butte.

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The type of town where you put in a full day's work, then go over to a place where everyone knows your name and enjoy something cold with some suds. The type of town where the local Barber Shop and the downtown Cafe sponsor the Little League teams, it's the type of place that you can look back on and say "I come from good stock".

So, let me just say Cheers to Butte.

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