Open Carry Poll Results
With many stores now requesting that its customers not open carry, we wanted to know if that would keep you from shopping with them. Here's how the XL Nation voted in our recent poll:
Museum of The Rockies Offering Free Admission
During the free day, visitors can see the museum's featured exhibit "The Real Genghis Khan." As well as favorites like Big Mike, Siebel Dinosaur Complex, Welcome to Yellowstone Country, Paugh History Hall, Taylor Planetarium and more.
3D Tour of All the Parade of Homes
SWMBIA's Parade of Homes wrapped up this past weekend in Bozeman, and if you missed it, here's an opportunity for you to still see and tour the nine amazing homes that were featured this year.
Montana Woman Uses Hair Dryer To Slow Down Traffic
A Polson woman is trying to get speeders in Finley Point to slow down, using a hair dryer. A photo sent out on Twitter in August showing Patti Bumgartner sitting in a lawn chair, holding a red solo cup, and pointing a hair dryer at passing traffic like a radar gun

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