Apparently Montana Isn't Very Healthy - Agree?
According to America's Health Rankings Montana is ranked the 29th healthiest state in the US.  How did they come up with this ranking?  There are a few different factors that play into the ranking, such as binge drinking and diabetes.  Check out who is healthier than us.
Worst Time To Drink During Pregnancy
Many doctors say that a little glass of wine can actually be beneficial during certain times of your pregnancy.
It's an on-going debate, and most pregnant moms I know still won't drink it in public.
Now, scientists say you shouldn't drink any alcohol in the 7th to 12th week...
How to Stay Hangover-Free This Mardi Gras
Since Mardi Gras is a holiday that goes hand-in-hand with gluttonous drinking, we thought we’d offer a few tips for a more positive drinking experience for those who want to enjoy themselves and not wind up a morning-after mess.