Way to go Montana! Apparently, we are using that tax money wisely. A new survey by the national transportation research nonprofit, TRIP, came out in regards to potholes. Which states complained the most and which states complained the least.

Where does Montana fall on that list? Surprisingly high! I say "surprisingly" because we do have a lot of traffic, a lot of heavy equipment using the roads, and a busy interstate. All of which could lead to having potholes all over.

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash
Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash

We ranked in the top 5 for "Least Pothole Complaints" with 0.8 complaints for every 1,000 km of road. (1km=.62 miles). So that is pretty decent, right? We actually tied with New Mexico. The top 5 with the least pothole complaints were:

1. Idaho

2. Wyoming

3. Montana

3. New Mexico

4. South Dakota

5. Iowa

So who complained the most? I often feel bad because this state tends to come up a lot...and until a recent article regarding how it is cheaper to live THERE than it is HERE, it's often not the best news.

You most likely guessed what state I am referring to. If not, it's California. The "Most Pothole Complaints" top 5 include California. But I will say, they came in 5th...so that is better than number 1 when it comes to this stuff.

1. Rhode Island

2. Hawaii

3. New York

4. Massachusettes

5. California

If you want to see all the numbers just check out the full article here. I am proud to say "way to go Montana! There are many other things to complain about than a couple of potholes." Plus, our roads are pretty nice if I do say so myself.

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