It's almost summer which means we are going to start to see some road construction projects starting.

Delays, slower speed zones, and hopefully some much needed road improvements are all things we can expect. Considering our summer months are not always the longest, it's not unusual to see more than one project happening at a time. Yes it can be frustrating, but much needed.

One popular construction project happening this spring that everyone should be prepared for is the Gallatin Canyon Pavement Preservation and Safety Improvements plan. It will most likely effect anyone driving from Bozeman to Big Sky and vice versa.

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The District Construction Engineer stated:

The US 191 corridor between Bozeman and Big Sky has experienced significant traffic increases in the past several years, Because of this, roadway segments are beginning to deteriorate and require maintenance and improvement. Projects like this one ensure Montana’s roadways remain in good condition for years to come. -MDT


If you have ever driven US 191 between Bozeman and Big Sky, you know traffic can get absolutely crazy, especially with tourist season just around the corner. This is your opportunity to prepare yourself for what will most likely be longer drive times and lots of window time.

There are a couple of ways you can keep up to date with what projects are happening this spring/summer, along with this specific plan.

The MDT website is also a great way to get up to date road conditions.

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