It doesn't matter if you are lifer of Montana or a visitor/tourists, there are certain questions that get asked on repeat every single year, and they get answered repeatedly every single year.

A lot of times, when a common question gets asked on a social page, instead of looking to see if the question has already been asked and answered 100 times, people just continue to ask the question...over...and over...and over again.

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If you are wanting to ask a question on social media (Facebook) you can use the "search" bar at the top and get all questions and answers regarding what you are about to ask. This is handy so you don't end up asking a repeated question.

Here are TWO of the MOST annoying questions people ask on repeat.

Is the road to Fairy Lake open?

Fairy Lake
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You will see and hear this question about 1 million times. USE THE SEARCH BAR at the top of the social page and save everyone the annoyance of seeing yet another person asking about Fairy Lake. Also, here is a link for you as well:

Fairy Lake Information

How's the pass?


There are like 6+ road conditions pages, literally just follow them all and you will have updates every half hour is not every 15 minutes. Another note, we are in Montana, if its snowing and blowing and cold out, you know, WINTER, so if the weather looks snowy, blowy, and icy, there is a good chance when you get into a higher elevation, it will most likely be worse.

Here are some Facebook groups you can follow to stay informed.

Bozeman Hill Road Conditions

Gallatin Valley Road Conditions

Montana Road and Weather Conditions Reports Updates

You can also check MDT (Montana Department of Transportation for road conditions throughout the state.

If you're about to ask either of these two questions, use the search bar first, THEN if you need to ask, go for it.

cc: FWP, MDT

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