If you would have told me a year and a half ago that we would still be talking about Covid-19, I would have thought you were wearing some sort of tin foil hat, yet, here we are.

With news reports of hospitals in Montana filling up, and school boards deciding on if masks will be part of the new school year, it feels a little like Deja Vu.

According to the latest information from the New York Times, the rate of infection that we are currently seeing, while high, is only about half of where we were at the peak of the pandemic.

This is also the same for hospitalization and death. In the last 14 days, 2 Montanans have passed away due to Covid-19.

According to the numbers, there has been a slight rise in Covid-19 positive cases here in Bozeman and Gallatin County over the last two weeks, with the daily average for the county at 25 cases. Taking a look at the risk map, Gallatin County is in the "Very High" risk rate, while much of the western part of the state is in the "Extremely High" risk rate for those that haven't been vaccinated.

Photo by Daniel Schludi via Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Schludi via Unsplash

Looking at the vaccination numbers, it seems that the majority of Montanans are already or in the process of becoming fully vaccinated.

55 percent of those 18 and older are fully vaccinated, while 61 percent of those 18 and older have had one dose.  79 percent of those 65 and older are fully vaccinated, while 81 percent of those 65 and older have had one dose.

If you have questions or concerns about Covid-19 and or the vaccine, talk with your healthcare provider.

Source: New York Times

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