Latest Bozeman Covid-19 Numbers Are Rising, But By How Much?
If you would have told me a year and a half ago that we would still be talking about Covid-19, I would have thought you were wearing some sort of tin foil hat, yet, here we are.
With news reports of hospitals in Montana filling up, and school boards deciding on if masks will be part of the new school…
Covid-19 Positive Rate Continues to Rise in Montana
As we wind down to the end of summer, the latest Covid-19 numbers in Montana show that the virus is still on the rise, and in some areas of the state, making big gains.
This of course is not just happening here in Montana, as an increase in positive cases is happening all over the United States...
Can My Employer Force the Covid-19 Vaccine? The Answer, Yes.
It's happening all over the country, it's happening in Government, it's happening in private and public business. However, you feel about it, it's happening. Is it happening in Bozeman?
Vaccine mandates.
The CDC Covid Data Tracker says that over 80% of the new Covid-19 cases are ca…
COVID Vaccine: My Dad's Experience
While my Dad is not famous enough to get a shot on national TV, I thought it would be helpful to others who are awaiting their shots, to share his (our) experience here in Gallatin County, Montana.