As we wind down to the end of summer, the latest Covid-19 numbers in Montana show that the virus is still on the rise, and in some areas of the state, making big gains.

This of course is not just happening here in Montana, as an increase in positive cases is happening all over the United States.

Looking at data provided by the New York Times, shows that Covid-19 cases are up over 120 percent, in the last 14 days for the state. The information compiled is through  August 10th.

Breaking down the numbers, the daily state averages look like this.

  • 264 cases per day
  • 2,253 tests per day
  • 154 hospitalized per day
  •  1 death per day

Bozeman and Gallatin County numbers, while elevated, are not as high as other cities and counties in Montana.  Gallatin County is averaging 21 new cases per day over the last two weeks. The hospitalization daily rate is 11 and there have been no deaths in that span.

Some of the hotter spots around Montana include Granite, Flathead, Liberty, Toole, Fallon, and Mineral Counties.  While the more populated counties have more cases, the cases versus population are higher in the above-mentioned counties.

Looking at the numbers for those that are fully vaccinated, the state is a little less than half at 45 percent.  Glacier County leads Montana in those fully vaccinated at 64 percent, while Gallatin County is at 47 percent.

Photo by Nick Fewings via Unsplash
Photo by Nick Fewings via Unsplash

Vaccines continued to be offered around the state free of charge.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the vaccine, you should talk to your healthcare provider.  If you would like to find an vaccine near you, will help you find the nearest location.

Credit: New York Times

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