A couple of homes flying Thin Blue Line American Flags have been targeted as of late in Belgrade. The flags show support for law enforcement and the incidents involving them include:

  • Someone stealing a flag and then ripping the replacement flag and breaking its pole.
  • Graffiti being sprayed on a house's garage with a reference to police (see photo below).
Credit: Steve Clay
Credit: Steve Clay

The vandalism feels targeted and is causing many in the community to feel unsafe about displaying their support for law enforcement. The graffiti written on the house in the picture above is believed to mean: All Cops Are Bastards. The numbers are the numeric value for that.

Here's what a nearby resident of the graffitied house, Steve Clay, posted on his Facebook page:

"I am deeply disappointed in my community today that someone would do something like this. We found this in our neighborhood when we were going to garage sales. While I understand that bad cops exist and want them weeded out... the vast majority are good, solid people that I support. Vandalism and this type of behavior is never going to get the change people seek...it will only further divide us as a community, nation and society as a whole.

Police are investigating both incidents.

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