I grew up in a blue-collar family; my Dad worked in a factory and my Mom worked in a grocery store. From an early age, my parents taught me that "the customer is always right."  It's something that I still believe in today.

Having said that, good customer service can be hard to find.

Recently I had to deal with two different businesses here in Bozeman and the experience was night and day. The first business was rude and didn't show any willingness to help, while the folks at the second business answered all of my questions, and even went above and beyond to try to help me with my issue.

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In the end, I wasn't able to resolve the problem that I was dealing with during the visit, but the individual's willingness to help and the kindness they showed me at the second business certainly left an impression that I will not soon forget.


It's been my experience that about 90 percent of the time, most Bozeman businesses are friendly and willing to accommodate you. Of course, as Bozeman grows, so does the demand for our retailers and local businesses. We've all seen this first-hand with worker shortages and limited hours of operation. There are always two sides to every story, and I certainly understand the strain that overbearing customers can have on a business and its employees.

Customer Service

So how would you rank customer service here in Bozeman?  If you were going to give it a score between 1 and 10, which number would you pick? What business do you recommend for great customer service? Is there one that really stands out?

Be sure and vote in our Bozeman Customer Service poll below.

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