One year ago today, this group of celebrity sisters made their way to our beautiful state. Things didn't go as they had planned. Check it out below.

The ever-popular Kardashians experienced a true Montana winter day.

Apparently, the famous sisters went into the ditch just off of Jackrabbit, luckily everyone was safe and there were no injuries reported, but I will say, I am not impressed that they were not all buckled in.

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We all know with Montana winters, come snow, ice, and slush (as we are experiencing this week) and that means, two hands on the wheel and buckle up! The cause of the crash was due to a passing vehicle tossing snow/slush onto the window of the SUV. Yikes! We have all had this happen a time or two.

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Big Sky brings in hundreds of celebrities a year from all sorts of environments, unfortunately, money can not buy you driving skills. Even seasoned winter drivers will struggle when roads are snow-covered and icy. The best idea is to slow down, keep your distance, and make sure you are prepared to be stranded.

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A stop in Montana to film an episode for the popular series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, brings the sisters to Montana often. Hopefully the next time they are in Bozeman, they don't have such bad luck.

Just a little advice for the Kardashians' next visit, summers are less hazardous, and of course, BUCKLE UP for heaven's sake.

Yellowstone Actor, Kevin Costner Rents Out 160 Acre Ranch

Kevin Costner recently stated that he would be renting out his Aspen, Colorado home. Don't get me wrong, the "Dunbar Ranch" is beautiful. Sitting on 160 acres of land, the ranch comes with many perks.

You will be able to enjoy fly fishing on the river, a lazy day next to the lake, and a game of baseball on the private baseball field just to list a few of the extra amenities.

Montana has a handful of celebrities that own homes here in Big Sky Country. Is this going to be a new trend among the elite?

For $36,000 per night, you could book a spectacular stay at Costner's Aspen Ranch Home.

Celebrity Watch: Famous Folks That You Might Run Into in Montana

Living here in Montana, we certainly have our share of "Celebrity Sightings" with many of them having part-time residences in the state. One of the things I hear often is that celebrities love living/visiting here because, for the most part, Montanans tend to leave them alone.

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