Everyone is always saying, "I love Montana! I want to live there." Then you have the people who say, "Montana's full." So I gathered a few videos of 24-hour experiences from people who either live in certain Montana towns OR visited them for 24 hours and create a visual interpretation of what to expect.

Now, let's be real, every town has its highlights, but do these "falsified" videos make more people want to live here? You tell me.

First up, Billings, MT. Ok, I am going to be honest, regardless of any video posted, I have no intention of ever planting my roots there. With that being said, there is more to the town than what meets the eye as you cruise through on I-90.

@andyaustinphoto I went back to the homeland for @Visit Montana to capture my favorite way to spend a day. #montanamoment #billingsmt #billings #montana ♬ original sound - Andy | Montana & Travel Photos

Bozeman, MT is next. What do you think? Was this TikToker able to capture the beauty of our town? What did they miss? I would say...the whole town. Where is Montana State University? Where is the "M", it's more like this person spent 38 minutes in Bozeman, not 24 hours.

@kaseynoll Lil’ weekend trip #LaysGoldenDuet #AVrboForTogether #MACChallengeAccepted #fypシ #foryoupagee #bozemanmontana #travelvlog #minivlog ♬ Two Weeks - Grizzly Bear

Awww...up next on the list is the super affordable Big Sky. To be fair I haven't been to Big Sky, and I know that there is no chance of me ever owning property there, BUT, it sure is pretty.

@andyaustinphoto Reply to @mclovin1019 24 hours in Big Sky, #Montana ♬ original sound - Andy | Montana & Travel Photos

Last, but certainly not least, we travel to Missoula, MT—or do we? I'm not exactly sure where this TikToker was for all these shots, but it definitely was not Missoula. For example, the buddhas are not in Missoula, my friend.

@tanyalikestotravel#missoulamontana#montana#travel#thingtodo#traveltiktoker#roadtrip#createartbar#bison#greenscreen#greenscreenvideo♬ As It Was - Harry Styles

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