And then there were four.

Of course, by now you know that both the University of Montana and Montana State University had pretty big football games this past weekend.

The Griz lost to James Madison University on the road by a final score of 28-6, while the Bobcats defeated the defending National Champions Sam Houston State at their place by a final score of 42 to 19. This did a couple of things. One, it made it so that there was no chance of an All Montana National Championship game, and two, it kicked off all the trash talk.

I do love me some trash talk.

After the big Bobcat win on Saturday, I was on Social Media looking at the different comments from folks. Obviously the Bobcat faithful were on Cloud 9 while the Griz fans were a little less enthusiastic. To their credit, I did see some Griz fans congratulate Montana State on the win and wish them luck in the next round, which I thought was a real class act.

Then of course there were the other comments. My favorite by far was this little gem:

"If only the Griz had Sam Houston that would have been really bad for Sam Houston. Look how bad the Griz worked the Bobcats over, that was terrible, no chance"

Griz fans were clearly upset and I totally understand that. There is a lot invested in a football season and when it's over, it certainly hurts, especially when you don't bring home a championship. Plus, I know that "both sides do it", however, let's look at the facts. One team played the #3 seed and the other team played the #1 seed.  I'm not an expert, but typically the #1 seed is the better team.

Look, I'm not here to rub salt in any wounds and as a resident of Montana, I'm all about Montana.  So while I don't cheer for the Griz, had the Griz won, I would have wished them well and hoped they brought home a championship to Montana.

Credit: Townsquaremedia
Credit: Townsquaremedia

Having said all of that, we are now down to the Final Four. James Madison, South Dakota State, North Dakota State, and Montana State. James Madison will head to Fargo this Friday night to take on the Bison, while the Jackrabbits will take on the Bobcats at noon this Saturday at Bobcat Stadium.

You can catch all the action on 100.7 XL Country, your official Montana State Football station.  Go Bobcats!

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