Bozeman is a hotspot.  People from all over are moving here and that is causing some major "growing pains".

Of course, anytime something like that happens to a town or city, there are always headaches and hiccups and it's no different here.

So, I thought I would ask the question, what business or activity would you like to see come to Bozeman?  I posted it on our station Facebook page and lots of folks responded.

I present to you, The Top 5 Things We Want to See Come to Bozeman

Coming in at Number 5, Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse/Facebook
Texas Roadhouse/Facebook

Listen, I've never had a bad meal at Texas Roadhouse.  While Bozeman has some amazing restaurants, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if Texas Roadhouse decided to come to town.  Those rolls are da bomb!

Number 4, a Skating Rink

partial view of parents and kids skating on roller rink together

As a child of the 80's, I love this idea! I mean, who didn't love going to the Roller Rink back in the day?  All of that great music, the super cool video games, we would be getting it on like Donkey Kong!  Plus, who doesn't miss couple skating to Journey's "Faithfully"?

Number 3, a tie between Mini Golf and another Bowling Alley

Bowling ball hitting its target.
playing minigolf at nice place nearby the beach

Bowling AND Putt Putt? Both are fantastic date night ideas or fun for the whole family. I'm all about both of these.

Number 2, Water Park

Colorful waterpark tubes and a swimming pool. Outdoor shot.

Lots of folks want to see a Water Park/Indoor Pool come to Bozeman. I'll be honest, after a horrible incident at the public pool between 5th and 6th grade that resulted in me mooning the entire town, I haven't been back to a public pool since...but I get it, water parks are fun.

Number 1, affordable housing

Beautiful, Newly Built Luxury Home Exterior

It's expensive to live here and the median house is just under 800 thousand dollars. The truth is that most folks that live here, can't afford to buy a home. So, yea, the number one answer is affordable housing.

Bonus Answer or Honorable Mention, everyone not from Montana or Bozeman, leave

U-Haul Co. Discusses Debt Restructuring
Getty Images
Tim Boyle / Staff

Of course, there were several other answers, and I wasn't surprised to see that a few of you wrote "All of you people not from here need to go back where you came from." as your answer to the question. While that response didn't really answer the question, it did get the most likes. I would expect nothing less.

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