With our Bobcats playing in the game of a lifetime on Saturday, I wanted to take a peek back at some of the games they have played already this season. From win after win after win, the Bobcats are an incredibly successful team.

The coaches should be patting their selves on the back every single day for the way they have formed this team into true winners.

Growing up just 6 miles from Coach Vigen, I will tell you that the strength, heart, and passion that comes from small towns is an incredible blessing.

The players all play as one, and that is difficult for many teams at all levels. The Bobcats have the ability to take the saying "teamwork makes the dream work" to a whole new level.

The drive that comes from both the defensive and offensive lines is remarkable, and we continued to see that in every game the Bobcats play.

Bobcat fans throughout the U.S. are so proud of these boys, and it shows with their displays of support.

Keeping their cool until the last second of each game, the Bobcats know that anything is possible, and they celebrate "when the game is done", not before.

Everyone is constantly talking about the team of 1984, here is a short video of what it was like at that championship game. I can hear the excitement in their voices, the comments are remarkable, and after 37 years, our Bobcats are back in the National Championship and ready to play their best game ever.

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