Uber is set to launch it's ride-sharing services in Montana next month. According to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle, Uber will mark the kickoff with events in cities all over Montana. Montana currently doesn't have any ride share services like Uber.

Uber first got approval to operate statewide last December, but due to some legality issues there has been quite a delay in getting the services up and running.

The delay in Montana was caused by an investigation into whether Uber drivers would be recognized as employees or independent contractors. This helps the state determine worker’s rights, including entitlement to unemployment benefits.

Customers must use the Uber app on their phone to arrange for a car to pick them up and cannot hail one down from the street. The app uses GPS to pinpoint the rider’s location, and will present the nearby Uber vehicles and pull up driver profiles. Payment is cash-free and done automatically through the app using the rider’s credit card on file.

Uber drivers are considered “independent contractors” of the company. According to Uber’s site, drivers can choose when to work by activating the app and can use their own vehicle or rent one. They must also go through a background check in the application process, and their profile on the app includes their ratings. When operating with the Uber app, they are covered by commercial liability insurance.

I've actually used Uber quite a few times in Boise before I moved to Bozeman, and have a couple friends that drive for them. Overall, my experience with Uber has been satisfactory. I think it will be a good addition to downtown Bozeman on the weekends. The great thing is that they'll pick you up from almost anywhere. It's a lot more convenient because you don't have to use cash. You just give them your payment card number, and you're set. The only negative side is the effect that Uber may have on local taxi companies around Bozeman.

If you plan on using Uber, you need to sign up. Click here to sign up and download the Uber app. 

Like I said, I've had a few friends that have driven for Uber and have really liked it. It's a great way to make a little money while not really working that hard. If you're interested in working for Uber, and becoming a driver, click here.

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