Not until today had I never heard of this business, but had no idea they were the highest valued company in Montana. How was I supposed to know? 

I came across an investing TikTok account called NTHInvesting, and they had a whole series about the Highest Valued Company by State. I expected to see a company like SIMMS or even Kenyon Noble as the pick, but it has come to my attention that there is a company that has over one billion dollars of sales annually. The company is also located in the small town of Lewistown, Montana. 

The highest valued company in Montana is Sports Inc., and I had a lot of questions when I heard this. First off, how can a place in Lewistown, Montana, bring in over one billion dollars of sales annually, and virtually no one has ever heard of them?

Sports Inc. started as a sporting goods store in 1965 and had multiple locations in Montana and the Dakotas and has since turned itself into a giant network of independent sporting goods stores all types of products and helps them acquire and sell items. Sports Inc. is now represented in all fifty states and even has some locations in Canada as well. 

Plus, Sports Inc. also puts on events and shows that range from outdoors/recreational type of shows to apparel sales and more. Sports Inc. puts on shows throughout the United States. 

I am just bewildered that a small sporting goods store in Lewistown, Montana, has turned itself over the past fifty years into essentially the preeminent place to acquire/sell sporting goods for independent businesses. That's pretty awesome to think about a small town sporting goods store that is now helping independent sporting goods stores nationwide. 

For more details, check out Sports Inc

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