This is definitely one unique place to grab a bite to eat in all of Montana and probably worth the trip.

Eat This, Not That might have come out with my few favorite list of all time. The Most Unique Themed Restaurant in Every State seems a bit funny and there is nowhere in Montana that could fit on this list but you are wrong. There is a spot just a few hours away that is actually a very popular tourist destination for a certain group of folks.

The Charlie Russell Chew Choo(possibly the best name ever for a train food car) is located in Lewistown, Montana, only a few hours away from Bozeman. If you are planning on checking this spot out, you will probably need to make it a weekend getaway. This is a whole ride-and-dine experience. The ride is around four hours, you get to look at some beautiful scenery, and have a fantastic dinner(the prime rib is recommended).

Charlie Russell Chew Choo Dinner Train via Facebook
Charlie Russell Chew Choo Dinner Train via Facebook

The only problem is this restaurant isn't available every day and you will have to purchase a ticket ahead of time. The 2021 tickets are sold out but that means 2022 is your shot to get tickets for this incredible experience and you will be paying a premium. Tickets start at $100 but honestly, that is probably worth every penny.

I know a few friends who have are super into trains and have this experience on their bucket list, so it must be worth it.

For more details, check out Eat This, Not That.

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