This is the week that is set aside to show your teacher that you appreciate the fact that they're shaping your young skull full of mush and giving you knowledge. Teachers are awesome. We love teachers! Some of us have even married them.

Here's 3 Ways to Show Your Teacher That You Appreciate Them This Week:

1) Put your phone away in class and actually pay attention. Your teacher will appreciate this, although they may wonder if you're feeling ok. We didn't have phones back in my day to distract us; we had making paper footballs for that.

2) Bring your teacher a Gala apple. Yes, you can bring them a regular Red Delicious apple, but Gala says that you care. Gala is like giving them a homemade cake; Red Delicious is giving them a store bought cake. By the way, do kids still bring teachers apples? If not, bring them a cake - and make sure it's homemade.

3) Tell your teacher to listen to Dave & Ally this week. We're asking the XL Nation to send us emails this week and tell us about their favorite teacher. Could be a current teacher, or it could be a teacher you had back in the day that you still think of fondly. Just email us at or and let us know the teacher's name and why you want them to be recognized. We'll read the emails on the air during Teacher Appreciation Week.

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