It's a day that I will never forget.  September 11th, 2001.

It was a beautiful late summer morning and I was doing my radio show and just joined the CBS News Network for top-of-the-hour news.  The announcer mentioned that a plane had hit one of the twin towers.  We turned on the tv in the newsroom and as soon as CBS news ended and we went live, the second plane hit. I will never forget our local news director yelling "We are under attack!"

Of course, we all know what happened afterward, our lives would forever change.

I remember sitting there with my co-workers in total silence watching the buildings collapse. I remember going to my car to cry. I remember thinking "how could anyone do such a horrific thing?"  I've never been to New York City, I didn't know anyone in those buildings. However, on that day, 20 years ago, I felt like I lost so much.  We all did.

9/11 Memorial MSU Billings via Facebook
9/11 Memorial MSU Billings via Facebook

Did you know there is a 9/11 Memorial with a piece of the World Trade Center at MSU Billings?

In fact, there will be the 20th Anniversary 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony at 8:46 on Saturday and the public is invited. The centerpiece of the memorial is a 612-pound piece of I-beam that was part of the Twin Towers.

According to the memorials website the memorial is "set on a 40-foot diameter concrete pad, the 4,150 square-foot memorial features benches for personal reflection. At the center is a 12-foot diameter raised platform on which the I-beam rests. Rising above the I-beam are two 16-foot steel tube towers, a scaled-down replica of the World Trade Center towers that fell on 9/11"

I know that many of us are currently divided in the United States and even here in Montana.  Maybe a visit to Billings and the 9/11 Memorial with some time pondering that day and all that we lost, will help us remember all that we have.

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