It's winter in Montana, which means cold temperatures. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has lived here for any period of time, but for some, the bitter cold is like a smack in the face.

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I was born in Minnesota, grew up in North Dakota, and now live in Montana. So basically, cold weather has been drying my skin out since 1984. When I moved to Montana, I would hear people always saying how cold it is outside. Now not to brag, but if it isn't 15 below, I don't really think it's THAT bad.

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This got me thinking; of all the states bordering Montana, which one has had the coldest day in history? Well, here's how they rank:

North Dakota: In the small town of Parshall on February 15th, 1936, temperatures dropped to -60F. This is the coldest day in North Dakota history and hopefully, that record doesn't get beat any time soon.

South Dakota: January 19th, 1970 at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport, a record temperature of -36F was recorded.

Wyoming: Yellowstone Park holds the record of -66F on the 9th of February in 1933. This is just a reminder of how wildlife can handle some of the most brutal temperatures.

Idaho: Back in 1943 on the 18th of January, Island Park Dam recorded a bitter cold temperature of -60F.

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Where does Montana rank for the coldest day in history when compared to surrounding states?

Montana: Rogers Pass on January 20th, 1954 holds the record for the coldest day in Montana history with a whopping 70 below. This also makes Montana the winner. If you were to take average temperatures, however, Montana would not come anywhere close to being the coldest.

So the next time you hear someone complaining about the cold, just remind them that it could be like that day at Rogers Pass in 1954. That will most likely make them love the 10-degree days.

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