One of the most horrible feelings as a parent is not knowing where your child is. You reach out constantly, checking their social media, calling hundreds of times hoping this will be the time they answer or sending text after text with the hope of getting one text back saying, "I am ok".

Katelynn Berry lives on the border of Montana and North Dakota, and her family is holding on to hope and prayer that they will hear from her. The last communication they had was on December 21st, she has not had any interaction on her social media, and police found her phone at her home on the 29th of December.

Katelynn is 5′ 4″ with a slender build, green eyes, and dark brown, shoulder-length hair. Her father, Hank Berry released the following information:

“I don’t know what is keeping us together. Just hoping a praying she’s ok, and now we’re just in the process of trying to find out what happened to her, where she went, and where she’s at.”

Katelynn does not have a car and her family and community are worried about how she would get anywhere and with the extremely low temperatures the area is facing, the concerns are even higher. Not only was her cell phone found in her home, her purse and jacket were also located there.

The last family communication was with Katelynn's dad Hank:

“She had asked me to pick her up a vape and some McDonalds, so after work on that Tuesday, I dropped that off and visited with her for a bit. And then the next day, I didn’t talk to her.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Richland County Sheriff’s Office (MT) at 406-433-2919.

You can find the full article HERE.

cc: Valley News Live, inewz

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