Billing's Police Department needs the assistance from the public in locating a missing child.

Andy Paul Beartusk Martinez has not been seen since the 21st of February which is close to a month now. His family is extremely concerned about his whereabouts.


Andy actively lives with his father in California and was visiting his mother who resides in Montana, according to a Facebook post from Andy's aunt, Julia WhiteFeathers.

This is my nephew and he has not been located....his family and friends are looking for him the police are trying to say he's a runaway and he not been on social media nor has he been in contact with ANY family or friends..he's 12 years old he is a child... he is not a teenager...he's father allowed him to visit his mother in Montana....the child resides with his father in nephew has not been active on his cellphone and he's usually very active on social media or is in contact with a cousin he is very close brother is depending on these officers of the law to uphold their oath to protect and is their duty to make sure this child is SAFE and returned to his father....a missing endangered child classification is when the parents and family don't know where the child is and the family reaches out for assistance from the family is sick with worry and concern! Why hasn't the cellphone been pinged why hasn't the call logs on the phone been reviewed....I'm very concerned and confused with the new technology you would think this would be further along...from my perspective this is way behind...I want to make this VERY VERY CLEAR HE IS A MISSING AND ENDANGERED CHILD!!! HE IS NOT SAFE HIS FAMILY DOES NOT KNOW WHERE HE IS AND HE NEEDS TO BE LOCATED!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO SHARE...ALSO HE 5'7 AND 120 LBS...THE PD NEEDS TO UPDATE HIS PHOTO AND DESCRIPTION. THANK YOU -Julia WhiteFeathers Facebook

Andy is 5 foot 7 inches, he weighs around 120lbs, has brown hair and was last seen on February 21st in the Billing's area. PLEASE make take the time to look at his photo and memorize it. IF you see or hear anything regarding Andy or his whereabouts, contact your local law enforcement agency ASAP.

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