Eric Fisher, the principal at Manhattan Middle School, is at it again with another #DancingPrincipal video. Last week he released a video and challenged other area principals to do the same. Many of them are following suit and accepting the challenge including Paul Lamb, Belgrade High School Principal, and Jeff Elliot, Three Forks superintendent.

Watch Eric Fisher's latest moves to the song "Footloose" in the video below and keep scrolling to see some of the other local #DancingPrincipal challenge videos.

Below see Paul Lamb's, Belgrade High School Principal, #DancingPrincipal video - and watch as he has to go clean everything he's touched!

Watch the video below as Jeff Elliot, Three Forks superintendent, dances to *NSYNC's "I Want You Back."

Eric Fisher, the principal at Manhattan Middle School, shows off his awesome dance moves in the original video below.


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