A couple of times in my life, I've had brilliant ideas, only to see others cash in.

Years ago, I thought "what if you had like an ATM for movies. You put in your card, select, and out comes a movie." Soon after, Redbox came into our lives.

Then I thought "I love Big Macs and I love Double Quarter Pounders, what if you combined both and had the Real Big Mac?" Well, no one stole that idea, but the company did send me an email telling me they didn't take suggestions from customers.

With the addition of the MSU Student Vaccination Sweepstakes here in Bozeman, I started to think about all of these Vaccine Lotteries going on. All over the nation, they're having lotteries where people that have received the vaccine can win prizes, cash, cars, etc.

Then it hit me, Health Lotteries!  It's brilliant! Everyone's always complaining about the high cost of health care, right? Well, what if we offered prizes for getting healthy?

Need to stop smoking? Enter the "Stop Smoking Lottery". Heck, just for qualifying you have receive some nicotine gum and your smell back.

Overweight? Need to drop the Pandemic Pounds? Enter the "Lose Weight Lottery". We can even base the cash prize on the pounds you lose.  The more you lose, the more money you win, plus you can wear those pants that have been in the back of your closet for 10 years.

Need to curb your drinking? Enter the "Stop Being Drunk All The Time Lottery". Sure, you won't be as fun, nor will you get invited to as many social gatherings, but your liver will thank you.


As you can see, the potential is unlimited. With proper marketing and the right celebrity endorsement, well, this is a game-changer.

Now, I just need to copyright it before someone else does.

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