Top 5 Things I Would Do With My Powerball Winnings
Tonight is the drawing for the biggest Powerball, ever! The jackpot is currently at more than 1.2 BILLION dollars! I went out and bought a couple of tickets and it got me thinking: What would I do if I won the billion dollar jackpot? Here are the top 5 things I would do...
Workers Win Lottery After Getting Laid Off
Everyone always dreams of winning the lottery!  Good news for 18 people who currently won big!!
OTTAWA, Canada — Disappointment turned into celebration and happiness after a group of manufacturing plant employees in Ottawa won $7 million in the lottery a day after their company announce…
Georgia Woman Cleans Purse, Finds Lottery Ticket Worth $190K
Having a sorted, organized bag post-cleaning is a major bonus in itself, but a woman in Georgia has given incentive to cluttered bag owners everywhere after she found a lottery ticket worth $190k stashed at the bottom of hers.
Rhonda Williams, a 55-year-old Fairburn resident, told reporters last week…

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