As we can feel ourselves, Bozeman and Belgrade (along with surrounding Montana communities) are expecting EXTREMELY cold temperatures. Especially overnight and into the early morning. This has been released via the district


Wednesday, 2.23.2022, morning temperatures and wind chill values are expected to be dangerously low (-15t o -19 and -30 to -38, respectively). The District considered a late  start, but is unable to provide full bus service on a delayed start schedule. Not running bus services tomorrow was also considered; however, the District is concerned that all parents/guardians might not receive the message this evening. Such communication lapses could result in students being left exposed to extreme temperatures without transportation or shelter.
As a result, Bozeman Public Schools will operate buses and schools with regular schedules at all sites tomorrow. The District believes this is the safest approach given the dangerous conditions. Parents with questions about bus transportation should call First Student at 556-8039 or District Transportation Coordinator Doug Kellie at 522-6041. Because of potential high call volume parents are encouraged to download the FirstView App. With that app you can monitor the location of your child’s bus.-Bozeman Public Schools


Belgrade Schools will have a 2-hour delay in start time tomorrow, due to extreme temperatures. Southwest Montana is expected to experience a wind-chill up to - 45 degrees tomorrow morning. However, it is supposed to warm up to -15 by 9 am.
Buses will run two hours late and school start time will be two hours later than usual. Students should enter the building upon arriving at school. Please note that due to the late start breakfast will not be served at any school.

The school will dismiss as usual and buses will run regular afternoon routes. -Belgrade Pubic Schools

Please make sure if you are sending your kiddo on the bus, they are dressed for extremely cold temps AND their phones are charged, if they have one! Stay safe friends!


Morning busses will NOT be running. School will start on time and the school will send an update ASAP with afternoon bus plans.

Building An Emergency Snow Shelter

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