I am a sucker for a really good, sarcastic, blunt social media page. I am fairly sarcastic so when I found this Instagram page I was DYING!

The best part is I can hear these things being said as I read them. "Like OH EM GEE is this like really Montana"? You get what I mean. Not a lot of "valley girls" here and I will say, the people of Montana have too much sense to say these things. The ones I know anyway.

I love this one so much...like look around you friend, did you take your shoes off at the door? No, so just order an OJ and try and blend in.

There is a country song about this...it's called "Daddy's Money" by a little band called Ricochet.

This is just a little taste of their Instagram. You have to go and follow this page, it is THE BEST. They even have some fun videos LOL.

I just can not help but think this has got to be a joke. Are people seriously this clueless? We all learned animals growing up right? What sound does a cow make, little Bobby? Mooooo! What does a dog say, little Samantha? Woof! So how are grown adults asking this...

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