Back when we were looking for apartments here in Bozeman, I told my wife the problem with a two-bedroom apartment is that you have an extra room for people other than her and me.

Turns out I was right.

My co-worker and radio partner will be homeless here in a couple of days after her apartment building changed ownership and decided to raise the rent by 300 bucks a month. Because my wife is the kind-hearted soul she is, it looks like the co-worker will be living with us for a few days (to my co-worker's credit, she went with the "good parent" vs the "bad parent" approach. Well played.) Was it a few days or a few weeks?  I don't remember, it's really all a blur. What I do know is finding an apartment here in Bozeman is a real challenge.

First, there is the high-priced rent.

The average price for a two-bedroom apartment here in town is right at 2 grand a month according to A one-bedroom? Well, that's a little more reasonable, you can get yourself a one-bedroom for an average of 1700 a month. Let's do a little simple math, shall we? So, at two-bedroom at 2 grand a month multiplied by 12 months equals 24 thousand dollars a year in rent. A one-bedroom at 1700 multiplied by 12 months comes out to be a little over 20 grand a year. Of course, that doesn't include all of the down payments and deposits, which can easily be in the thousands.


Second, there is the waitlist.

My co-worker is on a waiting list for a smaller, more affordable apartment. Here is the kicker with that though, the earliest she can get in is mid-April. So, not only is rent outrageous in Bozeman but there's a long wait to pay that outrageous rent. None of this is stuff that hasn't been discussed before, but there doesn't seem to be a solution.

I know that there are several different construction projects underway around Bozeman and that will help, but if the price of rent continues to rise, people are still going to be in a real tough spot. Speaking from experience, it's kind of hard to save for a home when you're paying a whole lot of money in rent.

On a positive note, my wife and I have been seriously considering adoption.  We just never thought we would be adopting a 37-year-old. Wish us all luck.

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