Montana is a pretty safe place to live. Not a lot of crime, and you don't hear sirens every time you open your window. Sure, there are the occasional bad seeds, but for the most part, Montana is a nice quiet place to live.

Recently, our friends at HomeSnacks posted a list of the 10 safest cities in Montana. Livingston tops the list as the safest city to live in Montana. Bozeman comes in at #4.

Here are the Top 10 Safest Cities in Montana

  1. Livingston
  2. Sidney
  3. Lewistown
  4. Bozeman
  5. Laurel
  6. Miles City
  7. Belgrade
  8. Glendive
  9. Whitefish
  10. Missoula

For more info, and to find out how the numbers were crunched and where your town ranked, click here.