Montana is known for agriculture. Much of the state is covered in farmland and cattle, and we're proud of it! I was on the Bozeman Area Chamber of Commerce Facebook page earlier when I read about a new business in Belgrade.

The business is Cowboy Cricket Farms. According to their website, they are an emerging industry leader in the entomophagy (edible insect) market. Cowboy Cricket Farms was founded by Kathy Rolin in 2016 while she was attending Montana State University as a nutrition student. Kathy is also a veteran. She was in the U.S. Coast Guard. She and her husband James started the business together. He is currently serving in the Army National Guard.

Kathleen Rolin

Their product is 100% Acheta domesticus, which is the same type of cricket you see in your front yard. The cricket farm is located in Belgrade just north of the airport. I spoke with the owner, and he informed me that they are practically sold out of the wholesale products that they offer for the next three years. So far, the products that they offer include cricket powder, whole frozen crickets, and chocolate chirp cookies. The chocolate chirp cookies are baked fresh at Big Sky Bakery in Four Corners. In mid May, they will begin selling their cricket powder, which is made of 100% roasted ground crickets.

Jesse James

I was able to get my hands on one of their chocolate chirp cookies, and they were really good. Each cookie contains 30 crickets, and 10 grams of protein. It says that it's a post workout 'recovery cookie' on the packaging.

To learn more about Cowboy Cricket Farms, click here.