After it came out that the NSA has been spying on us, 56% of Americans said they think it's ACCEPTABLE . . . if it fights terrorism.  Well . . . this is one of those "let's put terrorism in perspective" statistics.

So far this year, terrorists have killed four Americans . . . the four people who died in the Boston Marathon bombing, and when the bombers were on the run.  Meanwhile, TODDLERS have killed 11 Americans this year in accidental shootings.
In 2013, there have been reports of 11 fatalities in the U.S. where the shooter was between three and six years old.  And at least 10 more toddlers have shot someone but not killed them this year.
Now . . . there are some catches here.  Maybe terrorists haven't killed as many people because we really HAVE gotten better at stopping terrorist attacks.
Also, the definition of a terrorist attack is flexible . . . like, why don't people who go into public places and shoot a bunch of people count as terrorists?
But still . . . it's a good reminder that you should be afraid of terrorists, but you ALSO need to be responsible when it comes to the potentially lethal things you DO control, like your guns or your drunk driving.

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