Every job comes with challenges, especially when you throw people who wouldn't necessarily hang out together into a small space and then tell them to share the copier and be nice to one another. Interestingly, it actually does work out most of the time. But sometimes there are issues.

Recently, someone posted the following on Secret Bozeman:

What would you do if you had not 1 but 2 very toxic people at your place of work but they were essential to the business? Trying to find a balance is exhausting. Just want to be able to do my job?

For a moment, I thought this might have been posted by one of our co-workers. However, I'm not sure how "essential" Dave & Ally are. They could probably replace us with monkeys tomorrow.

The post was very popular and received over 60 comments. Clearly, a lot of people had dealt with the situation this person was seeking an answer to. Here's how Facebookers on Secret Bozeman thought the situation should be handled.

The only way to get to the bottom of a problem is face it head-on. I had a co-worker that always whistled. At first it didn't bother me, then it drove me crazy. All day every day. It wasn't even a tune. After 2 wks, I lost it. He didn't whistle anymore around me. My co-workers were so happy. Good luck. 
You were looking for a job when you got this job. Start looking elsewhere for work. It is easier to find a job when you have a job.
I'm in construction. Everyone is toxic. lol
If it's two people you have conflict with, could it be that it's you not them???
Eat their snacks out of the company fridge, that will send a message that their services are NO LONGER NEEDED!
It took me five years but eventually I just left. Not worth the stress and the LITERAL headaches.
Have you ever worked in a situation where the people you worked with made it difficult to do your job, like the person who posted in Secret Bozeman? What did you do? Email us and let us know.

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