If you're like me, when you think of a place to grab a margarita your mind immediately thinks of restaurants with a Mexican flair like: Toro, Santa Fe Reds and Fiesta Mexicana.
But you may be surprised by some of the places you can get a margarita!

Top 5 Unexpected Places to Find a Great Margarita in Bozeman

  • 1


    If you haven't had a margarita at Ted's then you are missing out.  These margarita's are homemade and literally THE best!

  • 2

    Korner Klub

    You might go there for their chicken strips, but they surprisingly have amazing margaritas.  Be sure to ask Joanne to make them and she can even make a skinny margarita.

  • 3

    The Bay

    The Bay has several to choose from, like their Raspberry/Strawberry Margarita, Cadillac Margarita, Golden Margarita, and the Bay Margarita.

  • 4

    Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill

    They may be known for their whiskey but you may want to give a margarita a shot the next time you're at Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill.  Their Siracha Margarita even has a little extra kick.

  • 5

    Urban Kitchen

    This upscale Bozeman restaurant is known for tasty American fare and not necessarily a place you think of for margaritas.  I've never had a margarita here, but everything else is good so I'm sure there margaritas are great too!

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