For some folks, the idea of retiring to a place where you can enjoy your golden years is what motivates them.

They save and invest over the course of their lives in hopes that one day they'll be able to relax and enjoy the good life. Maybe that's time on the golf course, traveling the country in an RV, or moving to someplace new that has lots of options for retirees.

Whatever the case might be, a couple of Montana cities have made the list for Best Places to Retire, and one of those cities cracked the Top 50.

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Montana certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to outdoors and adventure, plus many Montana cities have tons of cultural opportunities, such as art and music festivals, throughout the year. Throw in fly fishing and skiing, and it would seem Montana is a retiree's dream come true, right?

So which two Montana cities made the cut?

According to WalletHub, Billings and Missoula were the only two cities or towns in Montana to make the list. Billings came in at 118, while Missoula was the big winner in Montana coming in at 32.

Source: WalletHub

So how did WalletHub come up with the rankings? The list was based on the following categories: Affordability, Activities, Quality of Life, and Health Care. While Missoula didn't score that high on affordability, it did very well when it came to activities and healthcare. Billings ranks higher than Missoula on affordability, but lower when it comes to healthcare.

Credit: Ashley Warren
Credit: Ashley Warren

Montana wasn't the only state in our region that made the list. Both Bismark and Fargo made the list for North Dakota, while Casper and Cheyenne Wyoming made the Top 25. In Idaho, Nampa and Boise made the cut as well.

So Montanans, let me ask you, do you agree? Is Missoula the best place to retire in Montana?

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