Over the weekend, I decided to take a drive and do a little exploring.

Since moving to Bozeman, I have had a few friends tell me that I need to try a restaurant called the Cafe at the Inn. It is located about 20 miles south of Four Corners on Gallatin Rd. The drive on Saturday morning was beautiful with the low hanging clouds throughout the valley.

Jesse James
Jesse James

I've found that it's nearly impossible to get into a place for breakfast on the weekend in Bozeman, so that was part of the reason I decided to go for a drive. I don't like to wait for breakfast. After driving about 45 minutes from my house in Bear Canyon, I arrived at the Cafe at the Inn. I was seated immediately, and the waitress recommend the chicken fried steak. The CFS was homemade and hand breaded. On the side, I had scrambled eggs, and fresh potatoes o' brien. I soon found out that none of the food that they serve at the Cafe at the Inn isn't fresh.

The food was definitely worth the drive, and the staff made you feel like family. If you're looking for a great breakfast without breaking the bank, check out Cafe at the Inn.

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