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For some, losing a long-time best friend can really take a toll on you. I still remember my childhood dog Scruffy. I would tell him everything and he listened, I mean, I'm convinced he was listening. As a human, I don't know if I was deserving of having such an amazing companion.

Evelyn is a sweet girl who is still growing! She is ready to chase a ball, take you for walks, and chill at night with some Netflix...and you! She is only two, so make sure your Netflix choices are kid-friendly! FEMALE/SPAYED DOMESTIC SHORTHAIR/MIX 2 YEARS 6 MONTHS  

Well Hello Peasant. Just kidding this is my Model face. I'm only three so I am still working on it. I'm just preparing you for how many photoshoots we can do when we are officially all moved in. Hello TIKTOK?!

Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter: I love a good adoption story. PLUS, these babies are so ready to complete your family. Pulling on my heartstrings with full force. Check out all their adoption options here.

Goose is looking for his Maverick! That could totally be you, but you have to like to play fetch, take me for walks and runs, and be cool with me getting over 40lbs. Are you my Maverick?

Oh hello there name is Soot. I'm a sweet neutered dude that clearly likes to hang out! Treats are cool, but it would be much cooler if we were roommates, for life.

Stafford Animal Shelter: Located in Livingston, you can find all their adoptable sweet faces here.

Heyyyyy! I'm Daisy, I am clearly a Bulldog, and good news for you, I'm not a baby! I'm actually a super young-looking 8 year old. And listen, I don't really care for those kitty cats or small animals that get in my way...I already have these short legs, so let's just hang you and I. Deal?

Sup humans..I'm Kensie. I'm just a little thing and I'll probably stay this way. I was dropped off after a car accidentally hit me. No worries though, I don't have any broken bones, and the doc says when I am cleared, we can be best friends!

Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue: Located just a short drive to Manhatten, you are sure to find the perfect fur baby! Adopting one of these sweet faces to see at the end of every day could help nurture your body, mind, and soul.

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