Lynken Damm

First of all I have to say my wife is tough as hell!  Shay did so great after almost 24 hours in labor she ended up having to have a C-Section.  She was hoping for a natural birth but the baby was a little too big!  Meet the newest member of XL Nation!

Here she is, Lynken Jo Damm born 11-1-12, Weighing 8.42 lbs, and 20.25'' long.  She is named after both of my parents.  My moms name was Linda and my dads name was Kenny.  Both of them are gone now, so Shay came up with a name to represent them both.  And the Jo middle name is from Shays mom Jolene.  That means she's named after three great people!

Mom and Baby are healthy and good to go!  Here is a picture of Lynken this morning, a little sleepy.

Lynken Damm, Russell, baby