A Very Rare Thing is About to Happen in My Family
I am one of three brothers. I am the youngest. A lot of people may call my parents crazy, but my brothers and I are six years apart. That's a 12-year span of having children! Plus, my mother raised three boys. She's a saint. Anyway, that's not the point...
Montana's Cutest Baby
It's time to vote for Montana's Cutest Baby. Three babies from each of the most populated towns in the state have been chosen, and now it's time to choose the overall winner. Vote now until Sunday, April 26. You can vote once per every 12 hours and can increase the odds of your favorite baby winning this round by sharing this poll with everyone your friends and family!
The Damm Baby Is Here! [Pics]
First of all I have to say my wife is tough as hell!  Shay did so great after almost 24 hours in labor she ended up having to have a C-Section.  She was hoping for a natural birth but the baby was a little too big!  Meet the newest member of XL Nation!

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