russell damm

The Damm Baby Is Here! [Pics]
First of all I have to say my wife is tough as hell!  Shay did so great after almost 24 hours in labor she ended up having to have a C-Section.  She was hoping for a natural birth but the baby was a little too big!  Meet the newest member of XL Nation!
Guy On A Buffalo- A Hilarious Video!
This is one of those videos I love!  Make sure your sound is up and listen to the words to this amazing song!  You will be singing "Guy on a Buffalooooo..." in the shower before you know it!
Mommy Memos: Oh Damm!
First, let me start by thanking XL Nation for saving so many lives at St. Jude.  Over $75,000 raised in this year's radiothon!  I honestly don't have the words to thank you properly.  Apparently, my daughter didn't have the correct words tonight, either...