Nothing is better than getting friends and family together and grilling the day away. 

The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and if the weather stays gorgeous, it will be the perfect opportunity to get the grill or smoker out and cook up some quality meats. Whether you're cooking steaks, burgers, chicken, or whatever other protein you love, you should take full advantage of these summer days. 

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You might be wondering where the best places to get quality meat cuts in Bozeman are. High  quality ingredients are an essential part of a great grilling experience, so we have some places we'd suggest you go to get just such a thing.

  • Daniels' Gourmet Meats- One of the best places to pick up steaks, sausages, or any kind of red meat, a visit to Daniel's Gourmet Meats is a great opportunity to stock up for the Fourth of July. Highly recommend ordering from them early because their products will be in high demand. 
  • Wild West Local Foods Market- Located on Rouse and Mendenhall, Wild West Foods has many options that are great for smoking or grilling. Plus, this market has a massive seafood selection. 
  • Rosauer's Market- You might be wondering why we would put a grocery store on the list, but Rosauer's has one of the best meat departments for a grocery store we have ever seen. Plus, they have some fantastic deals on meat every week. 
  • Wicken's Ranch- If you have never heard of Wicken's Ranch, you likely aren't the only one (though I'll bet you're glad you know now). This meat shop operates all online and delivers the meat right to you. They specialize in beef, so if you're looking for burgers, brisket, or other delicious beef products, you should give them a shot. 

These are our top recommendations for quality grilling material in the Bozeman area, especially for an occasion like Independence Day. Plus, who wouldn't want to support a small local butcher shop? It's patriotic, after all. 

Photo by Zac Cain via Unsplash
Photo by Zac Cain via Unsplash

Have a great Fourth of July!  

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