On Sunday, I went out to Cowboy Cricket Farms located just north of the airport in Belgrade.

The story of Cowboy Cricket Farms is an interesting one. The business was started by an MSU graduate. Their goal is to use the protein found in crickets in a variety of food products. They are already selling cricket protein powder, and their delicious chocolate chirp cookies (packed with 10 grams of cricket protein). In addition to the protein powder and cookies, they plan on creating children's snacks and breakfast bars.

In the facility, they raise the crickets from birth. They are kept in large storage bins in a room that is around 85 degrees with 90% humidity. After the crickets are raised to maturity, they are frozen. After the crickets are frozen, they are either sold, or roasted to be used in cookies, or other protein packed snacks. Thanks to the staff at Cowboy Cricket Farms for allowing me to take a tour and ask some questions.

Here is a video inside of a room called the "Hatchery" at Cowboy Cricket Farms in Belgrade: 

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