I don't count calories on Thanksgiving or Super Bowl, but I have to admit, I found this quite interesting!

If you eat three fried mac and cheese balls, you will have to run 249 football fields to work off the 1500 calories consumed.

3 pigs in a blanket?  Playing catch with a football for 68 minutes nonstop.

Three slices of Pizza Hut Meat Lover's Pizza?  1,229 minutes of Tebowing.

Six bottles of beer?  Do the wave 4,280 times.

One deviled egg?  12 minutes of cheerleading.

Ten potato chips with onion dip?  Dancing to Madonna's halftime show for 134 minutes.

5 Tostitos with 7 layer dip?  110 minutes of cleaning the stadium after the game.

One bacon cheddar jalapeno popper?  60 minutes performing in a marching band.

And I will leave you with this.  Just one peanut?  To burn it off, you would have to coach football for a little over a minute.  Each peanut has 5.5 calories, so experts say instead of shoving an entire handful of them in your mouth, like I do, eat one at a time.

Source: Charles Platkin, PhD, MPH, assistant professor at CUNY School of Public Health at Hunter College and editor of DietDetective.com.

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