This festival sadly only ran for a few years but was a massive hit with many locals here in Montana. 

Who remembers a pretty incredible music festival in Missoula at the Big Sky Brewing Company, and had a pretty great lineup of several different great alternative artists? Well, if you have lived here longer than five years, you might have remembered the Travelers Rest Festival. This festival was a great two-day event that was a massive hit with Montanans. 

Travelers Rest Festival was headlined by great talents such as The Decemberists, The Head & the Heart, Death Cab For Cutie, and many others. The last time the festival happened was in 2018. The festival took a break in 2019 was due to the wildfires that made outdoor events impossible due to the air conditions. Then in 2020, COVID-19 ruined everything, but then there was no return in 2021. So what happened? 

Well, probably a few factors happened where Travelers Rest Festival hasn't returned. Travelers Rest Festival probably decided that after a couple of years of not having the festival that the price wasn't worth the cost. Then again, Montana has blossomed with some pretty stellar festivals that are the same vein as Travelers Rest Festival. 

The biggest festival that has gotten the most notoriety is probably the Under The Big Sky Festival up near Whitefish, Montana. This three-day festival has become one of the hottest ticket festivals in all of Montana. They bring in well-known talent from music genres of Americana, folk, country, and might soon branch out to other styles as well. 

Either way, if you miss Travelers Rest Festival, you might want to keep your eye on Under the Big Sky. 

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