If you're Montana-born and raised, or you moved here somewhere along the way, there is no doubt that the residents of this great state love being out on the water.

Whether it is fly fishing, floating, or rafting down one of our pristine rivers, or maybe swimming, tubing, or boating on one of our many lakes, Montana has tons of opportunities for water lovers to enjoy themselves all across the state.

Of course, some of our rivers and lakes are more popular than others. Everyone is familiar with places like Lake McDonald and Flathead, but that is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Montana has to offer.

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With over 3000 lakes to choose from, Montana certainly has folks covered who are looking to spend a little fun in the Montana sun. While the majority of Montanans will spend most of their "lake time" around the summer months, many who enjoy winter activities like ice fishing have several options to choose from as well.

Which Montana lake is the most popular?

Well, while that is certainly up for debate, the truth is, that some Montana lakes receive more traffic than others. Take Flathead for example, the most popular lake in the state attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year from not only locals but tourists as well.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

Flathead Lake is the biggest natural water lake west of the Mississippi and covers over 126,000 acres and is over 370 feet deep.

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