I am a sucker for TikTok. It's like a dark hole I will get stuck in then like two hours later I realize I have done nothing with my life. I have a few friends that use it and I will say they have upped their game since it first came out. I will continue to just be a viewer and not a doer.

With that being said, I love these ones. There are so many featuring Montana. Some are super funny and some show the beauty of the state.

From people getting chased by bears, falling off skis, or puppies, these TikToks are pretty spot on. The comment section...that is a whole new topic. I noticed that any time someone said "visit Montana" or "I'm moving to Montana", the comments got a bit harsh.

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I honestly wish this one was longer. Perfect music choice and so mesmerizing!

A TikTok story without Tyler Childers would be a sad, sad world. Thankfully he knows how amazing the state of Montana is and loves performing here.


Montana really is a beautiful state. So if you do choose to move here or just come for a visit, make sure to take only pictures and video and leave it as peaceful as it was when you arrived.

Do you have a favorite TikToker? Send us a message on our app, I would love to check them out.

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