It's becoming more often that you hear and see more animals being up for adoption but no matter the reason behind the animals needing to find a new home, it seems as though people are always willing to step up and show the animals love.

This is were we get to meet Wilbur, Livingston's, Stafford Animal Shelter's Pet of the Week.

Sweet Wilbur is just seven months old, he is loyal, lovable, and has the kind of playful spirt that will most likely steal your heart.

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Wilbur is around 45-pounds, he will most likely get a bit bigger as he matures through his puppy stage. Wilbur learns quickly and is excited to learn more tricks. His favorite game is tug-of-war or basically anything that gets him an extra treat.


If Wilbur had it his way, he would do anything he could to please his family, that include playing well with his furry friends and/or siblings. When Wilbur meets new humans, he wants to make sure he will adore them completely so he may come off a bit shy.

Because Wilbur is so eager to please and have the most fun ever, he would most likely love a home with just adults. Like lots of big puppy's, they don't necessarily realize how wild and goofy they can be.


After Wilbur gets his zoomies out, he is loves nothing more than to snuggle up to his human(s) and Netflix and chill.

If you're looking for a loyal companion who's as smart as he is loving, look no further than Wilbur. You can meet this sweet boy today and give him the loving home he deserves!


cc: Stafford Animal Shelter, Sit Means Sit

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