If you are a furry friend lover and looking to add a new addition to your home, look no further than this handsome sweetheart.

Our friends over at Stafford Animal Shelter met Biscatti in January when he roamed in as a stray and has won over the staff with his stunning personality.

Mr. Biscatti is 6 years old, fixed, and looking forward to making your home complete.

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Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter
Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter

Biscatti enjoys so many different hobbies, he is bound to get along with whoever gives him a home.

Biscatti's hobbies:

  • Playing with his other kitty cat friends
  • Watching fish swim in their tank
  • Absorbing vitamin D in the window sill
  • Chasing leaves
  • Netflix and chilling
  • Playing with his toys

If you have been thinking about adding a cat, or another cat, to your home, Biscatti would love to at least show you he will be a great roommate.


Stafford Animal Shelter is located in Livingston and takes extremely good care of any furbaby that comes to their shelter. Some stay longer than they hope and some leave right away. Either way, they get to know each animal in the time they have in hopes of placing them in a home that fits everyone's personalities.

Biscatti is waiting for you to come and say hi. Trust me, once you say hello and give him a few pets, you will realize he is as sweet as they come.

Is Biscatti the perfect addition to your family? There's only one way to find out. Head to Livingston today and give Biscatti the love he deserves.

cc: Stafford Animal Shelter

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