Calling all dog lovers. You have to meet our pet of the week!

Every Wednesday we celebrate Wet Nose Wednesday with our friends from Livingston's Stafford Animal Shelter and Sit Means Sit, because having a trained pup/dog is so important.

This week Ogden is our "good boy" looking for a home. If you or your family are looking for a dog who has the perfect energy and good vibes, but isn't a puppy, then seriously look no further.

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Ogden is such a sweetheart, he was was picked as a staff favorite and has a story that will pull at your heart strings.

Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter
Canva, Stafford Animal Shelter

Sweet Ogden isn't a rookie to Stafford Animal Shelter, he was actually there as a puppy 10 years ago. Unfortunately, Ogden's human is moving and can't take Ogden with them. It's hard for us as people to understand, but imagine Ogden being with the same family for 10 years only to end up back where it all started.

Ogden not only loves humans, but he thinks cats and kids are cool too! If you are already have a pet at home but think Ogden could just add that extra bit of perfection to your home, make sure to schedule a visit asap.


If you are looking at adding a furry new best friend to your family whether it is a dog, cat, chinchilla, Guinea pig, or something else, Stafford Animal Shelter has many options for you.

Check out their website below. Through their website you can make a monetary donation, sign up to volunteer, or apply to foster one of these incredible pets.


cc: Stafford Animal Shelter, Sit Means Sit

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